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The Page Of Links!

Our favorite links, in no particular order, for no reason at all!

We didn't want to have to organize our links by alphabetical order, so here they are for your clicking pleasure!

The links here have some connection with our hobbies, interests, and where we live. I hope you can find something here that you will enjoy. If you have a similar interest, please e-mail us and let us know your favorite URL on the web. Enjoy!

If you find a broken link, please send me an e-mail so I can get the link up again! Thank you again.

*Note-All links have been checked on 9/1/07 for accuracy

Favorite Locations in around Fremont, CA:

Welcome to Historic Niles A history of the Niles area
City of Fremont, CA This is where Niles is located within-check out the LamCam
The Niles Canyon Railway This group runs trains through Niles Canyon
Paramount's Great America Our local amusement park
Alameda county Landmarks other notable places in our area

How about some Slotcar links? The (supposed) source for slot racing scuttlebutt.
Slick 7 where my friend makes killer parts!
Koford engineering Get more fast stuff here
Alpha Products More good stuff-always liked Alpha tires
ProSlot Some of the best Group 27 arms I ran were ProSlot
SlotSide -always good reading here-check out the slot box article
The Old Wierd Herald More good reading (but where's the Grundy Gazzette gone?)
DRS Home Page Some great drag racing parts (how about a free catalog for this plug?)
Scale Auto Racing News On-line Even more reading here
Patto's Place For Slot Car Bodies An unusual body site
JK Products JK Products home page
Camen Racing Products Some more fast stuff
Parma/PSE Home Page What? You don't use Parma parts??

Here's some HTML links for the person building a webpage!

My Toolpad Simple software tool that jut do the job!
Andreas Viklund- he designed the template that drive this site!
The Webdiner, Inc. they have free templates that I have used before
The Construction Site Most of the banners I used came from here-Nice site!
So, you want to make a Web Page! Proweb Design will help you with tutorials
Meta Tags FAQ's by Phil Bradley some more info on Meta tags
All Star Web Design - Free Web graphics, Java, CGI and more. More good things here
HTML META, REL and REV Tags Need help with HTML tags-here's a good source for it
Hex Color Codes for those that need that exact perfect color!

Here's some fun links for you!

Champagne Supernova, A young, aspiring writer.
She also has fun stuff on her page to play with!
Kellan Meig'h A writer that I really have connections with
If you like anthropomorphic writing, this would be your stopping off point on the 'net
Aslaug's Axe Shed Some really inspired writing by Joan Jacobsen
Rides911 find out how safe your favorite amusement ride is!
Classical MIDI Archives 1998 Pierre R. Schwob Need some MIDI files for your site?
Ultimate Rollercoaster Does this need an explanation?
The Furniture Guys Home Page I don't think there is an explanation for these guys!
NASCAR Online The home for NASCAR racing on the net!
ZDNet News Home page One of my favorite places for news on the net
Family PC on the net Good source for family computing
Welcome To Fordstar's Country My Nephew Jeff's website!