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Subject: Problems with our Window$ box....

Date: 02/17/2005

Ray Stankewitz

We have had a pretty stable (??) Win98se install on our new box that the build was outlined on in newsletter #4. We usually update when a program says it's out of date, etc. I noticed that one day I had massive warnings from out Spybot program. I went on a tear to locate the problem files and found a bunch of junk on the drive. There were tons of 0 byte files and weird folders. I started with my usual "Rip Shred Tear" method of exorcising the Hhd. Not finding anything else unusual, I called it good to go and went off to bed.

The next day, we were getting problems such as getting BSOD's (blue screen of death) just by right-clicking on a file or folder(!!). Okay, maybe we weren't in Kansas anymore...what could be doing this? I was pulling my hair out (what's left, anyway) to locate the source of the problem and the Mom-in-law's computer started doing the same thing!?!

We do have a home network and I then took a close look at this to see if this was the source of the problem. I still didn't find anything wrong, so being the type of person that I am, I reached for the disks to do a fresh install of Win98se. I was ready to give it 'What-for' when I stopped and thought, "Why don't I Google™ this problem". You know what? I was glad I didn't.

When I searched for 'right click blue screen of death' I got a number of hits for the antivirus program that I was using. I had recently upgraded that particular program to ver. 7.0 per their recommendations. Note that this is a freeware version. It seems that it was causing some problems before the creators sorted it out. Well, having a need for an anti-virus program since I am on a broadband connection, I changed to AntiVir free version. This seems to be a better scanner as it doesn't bog your machine like some others.

When I installed the new anti-virus program, I got a lot of hits for things that the other program was not detecting! Really made me think that maybe I made a good move to go to the new program. Anyway, the new 'puter is back to normal again, thanks to a buggy anti-virus that forced a new program switch!

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